What is glow in the dark CIA?

spy glowing cia

While researching the glow in the dark theme, we came across a strange query, Glow In The Dark CIA. You will read a lot of articles which explain what’s hidden behind that weird request. But here’s what we found.

CIA agents glowing in the dark

A conspiracy theory alleges that the CIA conducted experiments on captured mutants in the sixties. They extracted these guys’ abilities and were granted magical powers.

The only problem is that they were cursed with the annoying condition of glowing in the dark. They were like fireflies or glow sticks.

It gets even weirder. A programmer named Terry Davis, who died in a train accident in 2018, exposed the plot. He called the glowing mutants “glow in the dark CIA niggers”. He said he had killed some of them with his car.

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TempleOS, the Christianity-themed OS of the man who exposed the CIA plot

Terry Davis was a minor celebrity in the hacker community. He had developed an operating system called TempleOS. He claimed to communicate with God who had told him to develop the OS. It’s not a small feat to develop an OS on your own, even a simple one.

That’s why he gained a cult following in the hacker community.

Still today more than 1,000 people search every month on Google for “Glow in the dark CIA”. It shows how influential his allegations were.

Temple OS screen
TempleOS welcome screen, so 80s

Terry Davis was 48 when he died, killed by a train in Dallas.

You can still download his operating system on https://templeos.org/. The site states that all donations to the OS are being passed to organizations working to ease the pain and suffering caused by mental illness.

Glow in the dark CIA products

There are no glow in the dark CIA products on Amazon. If you want to be a glowing secret agent, you can for instance buy a pair of flashing LED gloves. You can also purchase a set of invisible ink pens to write your own secret messages, like a perfect spy.

flashing led gloves glow in the dark cia
glow in the dark invisible ink

If you ever come across a glowing old man in the middle of the night, this might be one of those cursed secret agents of the sixties.

Be careful since we don’t know whether they possess other special powers. Do they also glow in daytime? Well, if we believe the rules of phosphorescence, they radiate light after being energized by a light source. This source of light will preferably be UV black light. You’ll probably notice these guys more easily in a nightclub than at the terrace of a trendy bar in the middle of the day.

Keep calm & glow on.

Glow In The Darkness