What are the best glow in the dark party supplies?

If you want to organize a glow in the dark party, you’ll need glow in the dark party supplies.

The type of supplies you will purchase will depend on the age of the participants. Most of these supplies are very affordable. You’ll be able to throw an amazing party on a reasonable budget. Let’s dive in.

Glow in the dark party ideas for 13 years old

For some reason, 13 years old seem to be a specific target group when it comes to glow in the dark parties. Is there anything special about this age which would deserve a dedicated party kit? They’re not small kids anymore but not adults yet.

They will love party favors if they aren’t too lame: don’t distribute glow in the dark little bears but if it’s Halloween don’t hesitate to offer glow in the dark skulls, skeletons, witches and bats. LED rings are one of the trendiest glowing novelty items at the moment.

Halloween glowing rings 3

Glow in the dark party ideas for 10 or 11 year olds

They’re just a bit younger that the previous group. They might not be scared by Halloween stuff but they will probably still love the cute kind of party favors. It all depends on the crowd you’re hosting, just ask your kid what his/her friends like and it will determine which gifts and decoration you’ll buy. If they love the circus, you could opt for a circus-themed party. We’ve written a full piece about the topic.

glow in the dark circus big top

Kids and teens will also love glow in the dark cupcakes and other types of coloured food. You can buy glow in the dark food colouring to impress them with a selection of glowing treats. These products are also perfect to create an unforgettable glowing birthday cake.

DaCool Food Coloring 6

And of course your glow in the dark party can’t be successful if you don’t add to your party supplies glow in the dark slime. It’s disgusting but so satisfying!

Kangaroos Super Cool glow in the dark slime 1

Glow in the dark party ideas for adults

Glow in the dark parties are not only for kids and teens. Adults also love to play in the dark (no pun intended here). What type of glowing toys can you find to satisfy their luminous cravings?

Glow sticks are a must. They’re cheap, easy to crack and will always be a great party favor for UV-lit celebrations.

circus party glow sticks

If some of your guests already have dedicated gear in their closet, you can invite them to bring their glow in the dark jackets.

Generic LED flash jacket review

If you throw an outdoor party, a great idea is to buy a few glow in the dark footballs. They’re so entertaining when it’s pitch dark!

Glow in the dark football nightmatch 2

You can use glow in the dark tape to mark some parts of your interior and glow in the dark LED rope lights to brighten up the rooms.

SHPODA 33ft LED black light Strip kit 2

And if your party is of the kinkier kind, you can of course invite your guests to adopt a lighter glow in the dark party outfit and dress up with glow in the dark lingerie, including the see-through fishnets. They will for sure have an impact under the LED UV spotlights.

Glow in the dark party games

Which type of games can you organize during a glow in the dark party? I would say mostly any game that can be organized in normal circumstances but with a UV touch.

We’ve already mentioned glow in the dark football. We could also suggest glow in the dark mini golf. It’s easy to source a few essential supplies on Amazon.

4 Fun Mini Golf Set 2 party supplies

Why not a drawing competition on large plexiglass panels using glow in the dark markers?

Original Glowstars glow in the dark marker 3 party supplies

If it’s Easter time you can of course organize an exciting egg hunt with glow in the dark easter eggs.

Color changing easter eggs 3 party supplies

As you can see, the list of possibilities and glow in the dark party supplies is almost endless. Moreover, you can always use glow in the dark paint to transform anything, any object or any surface, into a glowing prop.

So what are you waiting for to throw a brilliant glow in the dark party?

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