How to organize the perfect glow in the dark party?

glow in the dark party neon

Glow in the dark parties are so exciting. They’re visually spectacular! Black light paint reacts to UV light, creating a magical environment. There are so many neon products you can use to make your glow in the dark party the perfect event for kids, family and friends or work colleagues. 

Do I have to turn the lights off for a glowing party? 

It wouldn’t be called a glow in the dark party if it did not take place in the dark. Don’t be afraid though, it won’t be pitch dark since the space will be lighted up by all the neon props charged by the UV black lights. 

neon party cone

Which products work best for glow in the dark parties? 

The most basic product is probably a glowing stick. You can find sticks sold in bulk on Amazon, they’re cheap and deliver an instant glow. You can also use glow in the dark paint to cover almost any surface. Bear in mind that such a material should be charged with light, ideally UV light, which works better than traditional lamps or direct sunlight.

Should I rent or buy a UV light? 

If you want an optimal glow in the dark party, it’s highly recommended to use UV light. They’re not that expensive and are the perfect source to charge glow in the dark paint. UV lights used to require special bulbs. Today they’re available in LED, which is pretty cheap and lasts for a very long time (thousands of hours). 

neon party hand

How many UV lights will I need? 

If you have a large room or multiple rooms, you’ll need multiple UV light sources to ensure that all props, clothes and other objects are properly lighted up and deliver an optimal neon experience.

Do all objects require constant black light ? 

No, some objects are phosphorescent. They can absorb light and release it during the party. 

Is a neon party the same concept as a glow in the dark party?

Yep, it’s just another name for the same type of event. Glow in the dark is very often associated with neon. 

Which type of products can be used at a neon party? 

There are so many products you can source: fluorescent paper, neon tape, glowing balloons, party posters, UV reacting plates, cups, forks and knives, glow sticks, neon body paint, light up clothes, etc. The list goes on and on.
Where can I buy glow in the dark supplies?

Amazon is probably the best destination if you’re looking for a wide range of affordable glow in the dark products, ranging from simple favors to lighted up outfits. Search for neon products, glowing sticks, glow paint, etc.

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