How to make glow in the dark bubbles?

A lot of readers have asked us how to make glow in the dark bubbles. It’s actually pretty easy, you don’t need a lot of expertise or complex material to create your own glowing bubbles.

Just follow our quick tutorial and you’ll be able to create mesmerizing bubbles in a snap.

Here’s what you need to make glow in the dark bubbles:

  • bubble liquid (you can buy it ready-made on Amazon or make your own by mixing 1/2 cup liquid dish soap with 5 cups water and some glycerin)
  • 5 or 6 non-toxic glow sticks (which you can easily empty into the container)
  • a container to mix the liquid and the glowing compound
  • a bubble blowing wand or a bubble machine

You won’t need to charge the bubbles with light to make them fluorescent or expose them to UV black light since the glow sticks material will glow on its own.

It won’t be super bright but you’ll see a nice glow in the bubbles. To appreciate the effect, it’s obviously better to blow these bubbles at night or in a dark room. Pick red/orange tones to blow scary bubbles for Halloween!

How to make your glowing bubbles?

Cut of the ends of the glow sticks to empty them into the container, then add the bubble liquid. Stir everything well and the mix is ready. You can dip the wand into the liquid and start blowing your bubbles in the air.

If you don’t want to blow the bubbles, you can use a bubble machine. They’re pretty affordable on Amazon. See this one for instance, less than $30 at time of writing.

bubble machine

Cool products packed with moving bubbles and drops

If you don’t want to blow bubbles in their air, with your own breath or with a bubble machine, you can also consider buying a lava lamp, which displays endlessly moving wax bubbles.

lava lamp original 2

We’ve also found a nice small sensory toy for kids and teenagers, which you can put on your desk to relieve anxiety. Drops are slowly moving in this device to fight stress and kill time.

superlove liquid motion toy

Glow In The Darkness