How to make a glow stick man costume, DIY

We all know what a stick man looks like. It’s a very simple figure.

This design is probably one of the first drawings we’ve ever made (if not the last for the least creative of us). Here it is, as a quick reminder.

glow stick man

Stick man costumes are one of the most popular glow in the dark items people want to create on their own. The good news is that you don’t need to be a professional craftsman to do it. You’ll be able to design a costume in less than one hour!

How can you create a stick man costume?

It’s very easy and fun to do. You will need a black bodysuit and a few glow sticks, which you can easily find on Amazon.

full body black bodysuit
glow sticks on amazon

You will attach the glow sticks to the front outline of the body (face + arms + legs) using clear packaging tape. You’ll have to crack the glow sticks just before wearing the stick man costume.

Create your DIY glow stick costume with UV tape

Alternatively you can use any other form of phosphorescent material to create the fluorescent outline of the stick man, for instance long strips of UV reactive tape which you also find on Amazon.

UV reactive tape

This solution will be more durable: the glow won’t fade away after a few hours as it will with traditional glow sticks. But you’ll need a constant source of UV light / black light to create and maintain the glowing effect.

Can you buy a ready-made glow stick costume?

Of course! If you don’t want to design your own glow stick man costume, it’s possible to purchase one ready to wear on Amazon.

ready-made glow stick costume

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