How to create the perfect glow in the dark bedroom decor

All kids love staring at the night sky, counting stars and spotting constellations shapes. They also love experiencing the same cosmic vibes when they’re about to fall asleep, in the comfort of their cosy bedroom.

There are many ways to create the perfect glow in the dark bedroom room. Let’s start with the most important part of the room, the bedding.

Glow in the dark bedroom decor: pick the right bedding

You can find on Amazon a series of blankets and comforter sets decorated with glowing space illustrations: stars, planets, astronauts, spaceships, etc. See for instance this cute astronaut bed comforter set, featuring a comforter, a bottom fitted sheet, a top sheet and a pillow case. That’s the perfect glow in the dark bedding for a single bed.

glow in the dark bedroom decor bedding

If you just want a simple throw blanket covered with shiny stars, here’s another product, also available on Amazon.

glow in the dark throw blanket bedroom

Glow in the dark stickers

We have reviewed a series of sticker sets including glow in the dark ceiling stars and planets. They deliver a mesmerizing effect which will relieve any potential anxiety, helping your child to easily fall asleep under a glowing artificial milky way.

Parlaim Glow in the Dark Stars and Planets review

Glow in the dark bedroom decor: choose a glowing lamp

You can also install on the bedside table of your child a glow in the dark lamp which will automatically switch off after a set delay.

We’ve reviewed one the current best sellers, the Aiscool Night Light, which doubles as a Bluetooth speaker.

aiscool night light bedside lamp 1

We also reviewed a cute 3D Dinosaur lamp.

3D dinosaur night lamp 2

Glow in the dark bedroom decor: get creative with fluo paint

You can also be more creative and paint any element of your child’s bedroom with glow in the dark paint, to enhance the features he/she likes the most. You can transform statues or figurines into glowing props using glow in the dark spray paint.

Aurora Glow In The Dark Green Paint review 1

Glow in the dark posters

It’s kind of obvious but posters are a very easy way to brighten up any room. Hang them and enjoy their mesmerizing effect! We’ve reviewed a few glow in the dark posters, for any kind of mood.

Psychedelic Peace Blacklight poster review

Glow in the dark strip lights for a futuristic touch

LED strip lights are also an easy way to brighten up a bedroom. They’re fast to place, are long lasting and don’t consume a lot of energy, perfectly safe for a bedroom.

long LED strip light 2

And if your children still want more glow in the dark stuff in their bedroom, you can let them organize a glow in the dark party with glow sticks, glowing games, glowing slime and, why not, dress up in fluo Halloween outfits. They can go all in!

As you can see, there are many ways to create a glow in the dark decor for the bedroom of your kids. Be creative!

PS: glow in the dark bedroom decors aren’t by any means limited to children’s bedrooms. You can also transform your own master bedroom into a neon pleasure den and dress up accordingly.

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