19 glow in the dark party supplies you can buy for less than $50

If you want to throw an exciting glow in the dark party, you’ll need the right supplies. Since we’re glow in the dark experts, we’re in a good position to suggest 19 glow in the dark party supplies you’ll be able to purchase for a less than $50 a pop.

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Glow sticks

No glow in the dark party without glow sticks. You’ve got plenty of options on Amazon. Here’s our suggestion. At less than $15 it won’t break the bank.

glow sticks on amazon

Glow in the dark slime

Glow in the dark slime is an absolute must-have for a proper UV-lit party. Here again, there are many options on Amazon. We wrote a product round up fully dedicated to slime, which you can read here.

Kangaroos Super Cool glow in the dark slime 1

Glow in the dark bulbs and lights

You need the right lights for a glow in the dark party. We covered a few of the available options in a dedicated article. Here’s one of the products we reviewed, the ZHMA stage light.

ZHMA Black Light Bulbs Stage Lamp review

Glow in the dark markers

Glow in the dark markers will be very helpful in your party. You can use them to write prices on the wall, organize drawing games, write the name of the guests on tags, etc.

Original Glowstars glow in the dark marker 2

Glow in the dark plates

If you serve food at your party, you’ll need plates and glasses. That’s one of the basic supplies you can’t forget. Check out our products round-up.

EDI hard plastic plates 1

Glow in the dark posters

Glow in the dark posters are a great way to decorate the walls of your party room. They’re pretty cheap and easy to hang. Grab a few of them on Amazon or simply print out a few of the free neon backgrounds we curated in this article.

Splatter Skull Blacklight poster review

Glow in the dark rope lights

If you want to mark the sides of the way to the party or light up the trees in the garden, simply get a few led rope lights. They don’t use much energy and are very easy to hang anywhere. There are also LED light strips which you can stick on the furniture to make it glow in a snap.

ollny led rope 1

Glow in the dark stars

When you think “glow in the dark”, what automatically springs to your mind? Stars of course! They’re one of the most popular glowing novelty item. Star stickers can create a mesmerizing ceiling for a kid’s bedroom but also for a party, anywhere in your house. Grab a set of stars and travel to space without leaving the comfort of your living room.

Parlaim Glow in the Dark Stars and Planets review

Glow in the dark tape

Just as for markers, glow in the dark tape can be used for multiple purposes. As an alternative to rope lights to mark the way to the party room, as the basic material to create all sorts of shapes or as the background of glow in the dark name tags. Your imagination is the limit. You’ll easily find glow in the dark tape on Amazon.

UV reactive tape

Glow in the dark toilet seats

If you want to go the extra mile and offer a full glow in the dark experience to your guests, you might be interested in glowing LED toilet seats (and of course you’ll keep the benefits of these seats after the event).

GlowBowl Toilet Seat Light review

Glow in the dark basketball

If you’re looking for games for your party , why not organize a basketball tournament. You can do it outdoors with LED-lit hoops and balls or indoors with a glowing mini hoop.

glow in the dark mini basketball hoop 2

Glow in the dark football

if your guests are more into football than basketball, no worries, we have them covered with glow in the dark footballs, red/orange or green your choice.

Glow in the dark football nightmatch 2

Glow in the dark mini golf

Mini golf was one of the first sports conquered by the glow in the dark craze. Everything can glow in a mini golf: props, balls, putters. It’s an absolute visual treat. And you can buy a glow in the dark mini golf set to transform your living room into a golf course.

Thiodoon Glow Golf Balls review

Glow in the dark circus gear

Want to run away with a circus? Don’t forget to stock a few glowing supplies: juggling balls, a diabolo, some favors for the kids and maybe your very own circus backdrop. You’re ready to shine under the Big Top!

circus photography backdrop

Glow in the dark food colouring

You’ve already purchased the plates but you’d like to go all in and colour the food itself, the cake and the cupcakes? It’s possible, with glow in the dark food colouring. Needless to say that these products are 100% non-toxic. And they won’t transform you into glowing mutants, no worries.

DaCool Food Coloring 4

Glow in the dark rings

Guests always appreciate a little gift, also called a party favor. Rings are the perfect choice for that. You can find different ranges on Amazon, incl. a gorgeous collection of 50 Halloween rings, consisting of 10 different characters.

Halloween glowing rings 1

Glow in the dark pebbles

We gave you the option to mark a pathway with LED rope lights but you can also do it with glow in the dark pebbles. Just remember that these tiny plastic rocks need some day light beforehand to lead your guests to the party when darkness falls.

glowing pebbles

Glow in the dark tattoos

You can use body paint for make-up and also glow in the dark tattoos to have the perfect look for a glow in the dark party. They’re easy to remove, don’t worry, you won’t have to keep that big anchor, that nasty witch or that scary skull on your arm or on your chest forever.

Howaf Temporary Body Art tattoos 5

Glow in the dark clothes

You want to stand out from the crowd? Why not buy a glow in the dark jacket or maybe create your own DIY stick man costume? There are also glowing skeleton and zombie costumes, even LED masks. Glow in the dark is the dress code!

glow in the dark kids skeleton costume halloween

Glow in the dark lingerie

We’ve kept the kinkiest option for the last suggestion. If you want to titillate the audience, dress up with some see-through glow in the dark fishnets, the ultimate piece of lingerie.

Glow in the dark fishnets purple

Glow In The Darkness