Glow in the dark minigolf, an exciting activity for the whole family

Glow in the dark minigolf is a great indoor activity for the whole family. Both kids and parents love to play minigolf in the dark surrounded by a variety of exciting glowing props. It’s the perfect day out on a rainy day.

glow in the dark minigolf ball putter

What is a glow in the dark minigolf?

It’s an indoor activity which can be played all year round. Minigolf holes are spread in glowing surroundings. It can have a specific theme (around a character, e.g. pirates, a city, a country or some other type of environment, e.g. jungle). 

glow in the dark profile face

Is a glow in the dark minigolf a fun activity? 

Yes, it’s really fun. Minigolf is very easy to play, you don’t need any golf skills and glow in the dark makes the activity very special, almost magical. Moreover you never have to worry about bad weather since it’s played indoors, in the dark. It’s a very immersive experience.

How long does it take to play a glow in the dark minigolf? 

It depends on the time you’ll need per hole, how long you’re chatting between holes, how much you’re laughing, etc. Let’s say that you’re a family of four and each of you takes 1 minute per hole. You’ll need 18 x 4 x  1 = 72 minutes to complete the whole round. No need to rush though, take your time and enjoy the game! 

Isn’t it scary to play golf in the dark? 

Do not worry, it’s never pitch dark. You will clearly see what’s happening around you during the game. The set is lighted up with UV light to have an optimal glowing effect on the props, balls and putters. It’s totally risk-free. No reason to freak out.

glow in the dark aquarium

Are the props the only glowing elements in the game? 

No, usually balls and putters are also painted with fluorescent material. And if you wear a white t-shirt, you will also glow in the dark! Sometimes the floor is also covered with a glowing material to guide you through your journey in glowing wonderland! 

Is it only for families on a Sunday afternoon?

Not at all, adult friends or work buddies can also play glow in the dark minigolf. It’s a great team building activity.

Are there minigolf courses near me? 

You can easily find the nearest minigolf on Google. Just type “glow in the dark minigolf” or “black light minigolf”. You’ll get a map of the closest locations. We’ve also created a directory of black light mini golf courses.

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