Glow in the dark bowling, a visually spectacular neon experience

glow in the dark bowling

Neon paint and black light make bowling an even more exciting immersive experience. Bowling balls and pins can be painted with UV-reactive paint to glow in the dark. Bowling owners usually paint the sides of the lanes with neon colours. The white spots on your clothes will also react under black light. 

glow in the dark bowling

Is it dangerous to play bowling in the dark?

Not at all, it’s just fun, not radioactive at all! You will see what’s happening at all times. It’s never pitch dark in the venue. Bowling lanes are lighted up with UV LED lamps, balls and pins shine in the dark, it’s a vivid immersive treat, enhanced by heart pumping sounds! 

Don’t be afraid if your drinks glow when served at your table. If they contain some sort of fluorescent material, they will simply react to black light. It doesn’t affect the taste. 

Is it more expensive than traditional bowling? 

Nope, it’s just another kind of visual experience. Bowling owners won’t charge you extra for a glow in the dark experience. It’s just an upgrade they offer to make their customers happy. It’s kind of a nightclubbing vibe, especially when the music matches the decor. 

Sometimes a bowling alley will start the day in a traditional setting and turn on the black lights at night, for a different mood. Let yourself go, enjoy the game! 

glow in the dark bowling neon

How should I dress for glow in the dark bowling?

There’s no dress code but it’s better to wear white or fluorescent clothes since they will react better to black light. You’ll be the star of the game!  

Is it mostly for families and kids? 

Not at all, adults also love glow in the dark bowling. It’s a great team building activity. Since it’s played indoors in a closed space, it can be organized at any time of the day, even during office hours. 

How to create your own DIY glow in the dark bowling alley? 

You can create your own set of lighted up bowling pins with plastic bottles and glow sticks. 

Crack the glow sticks and insert them carefully into the empty plastic bottles. Line them up in the darkness of your living room and play the game with a glowing ball you can purchase on Amazon. 

You can also paint any ball with glow in the dark acrylic paint. Your kids will love this glow in the dark experience! 

Glow In The Darkness