Best selling UV black light bulbs in 2022

Why do you need UV black lights?

Blacklight (or black light), also known as UV-A light or ultraviolet light, is a special kind of lamp that emits ultraviolet light and a very small amount of visible light.

There are two types of black light lamps : one has violet filter material and produces a dim violet glow. This kind is known as blacklight. The second type doesn’t have the filter material, which produces more visible light and has a blue color. This kind of light is called blacklight blue.

Black light sources are specifically designed for fluorescent lamps, LEDs, lasers etc. They are used in decoration and for artistic lighting effects.

They produce overall exciting effect that can add this little extra touch to events. Black light enables you to see things that you wouldn’t normally see during the day under normal sunlight. Think about glow in the dark parties, glow in the dark mini golf, glow in the dark Easter egg chases,… Incredible fun with brilliant colors.

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Frequently asked questions about UV black light

Is UV light the same as black light ?

Black light is a kind of UV light. Black lights emit ultraviolet radiation, UV light.

Can a regular lamp be transformed into a black light lamp?

Yes of course it’s very easy. You can simply buy a black light bulb to replace the regular one. A black light bulb looks exactly like a standard bulb and fits standard fittings.

Does black light have an influence to your skin ?

Most black lights are safe because the UV light they emit is long-wave. UVA light does not cause sunburn, but it can destroy vitamin A, damage collagen and promote skin ageing if you would expose yourself too long to this kind of light.

Does black light kill mould ?

UV light is proven to kill mould, fungus, bacteria and viruses. It can kill mould in air and on surfaces.

Is black light harmful to babies ?

Babies should not be exposed to black light, because it is harmful to their eyes.

How long can you leave a blacklight on ?

The maximal exposure to black light is 8 hours.

What does UV black light show on skin ?

UV light reveals melanin accumulation, it appears as a dark spot. This kind of light also reveals dry skin. It appears as a greenish glow or as green spots. Fabric, some kind of medication and soap residue can also light up under black light.

Can bed bugs be detected with black light ?

Bed bugs, and many other insects, have phosphors in their exoskeleton. This means they are fluorescent under black light.

Can I sleep with a black light on ?

Black lights emit UV light, with some violet and blue light, which are the colors that interfere with sleep. So it will keep you from sleeping. It is fine for parties and raves, as long as they don’t last for longer than 8 hours.

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