Best selling LED rope lights in 2022

Why do you need a glowing rope light?

Rope lights are definitely the easiest way to enhance architectural details and set the right mood for any celebration. They’re very easy to operate, don’t consume much power (LED) and can be used to create all sorts of crazy shapes on buildings and trees.

There are two main sorts of rope lights: long flexible transparent tubes and flat light strips. The latter come equipped with an adhesive tape. It’s easy to stick strip lights almost anywhere: in your kitchen, in your bedroom, along the stairs leading to the attic, etc. You can use rope lights to guide your guests from the car park to the party or to decorate trees for Christmas.

These products are IP65 or IPO67 waterproof but you should always protect the plug from water if you use these rope lights outdoors. Electricity and rain should be kept apart from each other.

We’ve reviewed three rope lights: a 33ft model feat. 16 different colors and a range of effects, a 66ft model (made of 2 different reels) which can be controlled via a mobile application and a very classy 33ft model, perfect for high end settings.

All of these products are the ideal decoration for most celebrations: wedding, birthdays, halloween, christmas,… And they’re a cheap way to brighten up your parties!

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Frequently asked questions about glow in the dark rope lights

Do you need batteries to operate these rope lights?

All the models we’ve reviewed are connected to the mains. One of them can be powered via a USB plug. Be careful when you used these products outdoors: alway protect the plug from the rain!

How long do these rope lights last?

LED lights are very sustainable. They can be easily used for thousands, yes 1000s, of hours. Moreover these rope lights come with timers which can be controlled via the remote to automatically switch off the lights after a few hours of operation.

Can I dim a rope light?

Yes, it’s one of the most basic effects available via the remote control. You can also set the twinkling pace and some other features, depending on the model.

Are rope lights expensive?

Not at all, you can easily find rope lights and light strips under $25 in most ecommerce stores.

Can you use rope lights outdoors?

If they’re waterproof yes you can but be careful: always protect the plug from the rain. You don’t want to mix electricity and water.

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