Best selling glow in the dark rocks in 2022

Why do you need glow in the dark rocks?

Glow in the dark rocks, stones and pebbles are a great way to decorate your garden or courtyard. They can also be used indoors to brighten up your fish tank.

Outdoors they can be used in wet environments since they’re fully waterproof. Some people used them to mark the sides of a pathway, others to show the edges of their swimming pool. We’ve seen examples of people drawing words on the floor using multicolor glowing pebbles.

Like all other glow in the dark products, these stones will need to be charged with sunlight or artificial light to deliver their nice glow after dark.

Glowing rocks are usually made of hard plastic resin (so they’re not natural rocks). As you can see in the video above they can be permanently integrated in an architectural project. They will be charged during daytime an glow in the night.

Natural rocks can of course be converted into glowing rocks, simply by covering them with glow in the dark paint.

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Frequently asked questions about glowing rocks

How do these bright rocks glow?

Rocks (stones, pebbles) which contain a phosphorescent compound can glow in the dark after being charged with sunlight or artificial light. They can also glow in the dark if constantly exposed to UV black light.

Do you need a lot of glow in the dark pebbles to cover a large area?

These glowing pebbles are usually pretty small so you’ll need hundreds of them to cover a large area. Fortunately they’re pretty cheap and you won’t break the bank if you want to light up your zen garden.

How long do glowing rocks last?

The rocks themselves are very durable, made of hard plastic resin. As far as their glow effect is concerned it will depend on how long you’ve exposed them to light before sunset. Usually these pebbles will need at least 2 hours of good light exposition to deliver a nice glow for a few hours.

Are glow in the dark rocks safe?

Yes they are. They’re non toxic and not radioactive even if they give the impression of radiating light. They do because they contain a phosphorescent compound which delivers light after being charged with light. They’re small though which might be a choking hazard for young children.

How do you make glow in the dark rocks?

You have two options. You can either cover natural rocks with glow in the dark paint or buy ready-made glowing pebbles.

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