Best selling glow in the dark rings in 2022

Why do you need a glow in the dark ring?

If you want to stand out from the crowd at a concert or at a rave party, you will love the music notes ring we have reviewed.

If you’re preparing a Halloween party or a pirate- / ghost-themed birthday party, we have sourced the perfect pack of glowing rings for you, consisting of 10 different characters, for all tastes.

Some of you might want to have a piercing in their tongue or on their nipples. Why not let this piercing glow in the dark when you open your mouth or expose your chest? We’ve found a great pack of barbell rings (3 styles, multiple colors) which will be the perfect tongue or nipple piercings.

We also have in our selection another pack of bright rings which will be the perfect party favors for kids or adults. And we came across a beautiful titanium ring, the King Will Aurora, which boasts a gorgeous celtic dragon pattern.

You will undoubtedly find something you like in this selection of glow in the dark rings. If not, there are plenty of other choices on Amazon. Simply search for “glow in the dark rings”.

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Frequently asked questions about glow in the dark rings

Do you need batteries for glow in the dark rings?

Some of the rings we have reviewed have pre-installed batteries. Others simply need to be exposed to a flashlight or to sunlight for a few hours before glowing in the dark.

How long does the glow of these rings last?

As far as battery-powered rings are concerned, the glow will last as long as you keep the rings switched on (and in the end, as long as the batteries deliver power). For the phosphorescent rings, it depends on how long you’ve exposed the rings to ambient light.

Are these glowing rings expensive?

Not at all, most single models are less than $20 and the big packs (36 or more items per pack) are also less than $20. These are very affordable products for all festive occasions.

Can you make a glow in the dark ring on your own?

As long as you know how to carve a ring in wood or metal or how to 3D print a ring, you simply have to cover it with glow in the dark paint to transform your creation into a glow in the dark object. It’s that easy!

How do luminous rings work?

Phosphorescent rings contain a compound called “phosphor” which can be charged with ambient light to deliver a glow after dark. Alternatively you can also expose these rings to a constant source of UV black light and they will also shine in darkness.

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