Best selling glow in the dark nails in 2022

Why do you need fluorescent nails ?

Every party needs balloons, lots of them ! Balloons are SO much fun. Not everyone is able to blow them, but luckily you can get special pumps for that nowadays. So that everyone can enjoy them !

You can poke them in the air, throw them at each other safely, decorate them, draw on them… The fun is endless.

But what if you’re organizing a glow in the dark blacklight party and you want some balloons as well ? Well good news, you can now find glow in the dark balloons. You’ve got the traditional white ones, but there’s also fluorescent colored balloons and lovely decorated ones for every festive occasion. Those balloons will glows superbly under UV blacklight !

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Frequently asked questions about fluorescent nails

How long will glow in the dark nails last ?

Typically, most fluorescent nail polishes will glow in the dark between 30 and 45 minutes. Once the glow fades, you can easily activate it again by shining your smartphone flashlight on your nails for a couple of minutes.

Can I make glow in the dark nail polish myself ?

Yes, you can. There are loads of DIY videos online about how to make fluorescent nail polish. Basically you just need any clear nail polish as a base. You then chose a color of fluorescent pigment powder and scoop a little bit at once in the polish bottle. You shake well and if the color isn’t bright enough yet, you add a little more powder. Once everything is well mixed, you can start to use it and test the glow in the dark effect.

Why do fingernails glow under black light ?

Your fingernails (and your teeth) contain a substance called phosphor. This substance can absorb energy and become excited when they are exposed to UV light. The phosphor emits the stored energy in the form of light, so they glow in the dark !

Can I whiten my nails with vinegar ?

If you have stains on your fingernails, you should use white vinegar to get rid of them. Not colored vinegar, because then you’ll get other stains. Take one cup of warm water and add one spoon of distilled white vinegar. Soak your fingernails for about 8 minutes, and then rinse your hands thoroughly under lukewarm water to get rid of the smell too.

Which color of nail polish glows in blacklight ?

You need to make sure you’re buying neon nail polish, which always shines under black light. The brightest neon colors for the best effect under black light are fluorescent green, pink, yellow and orange.

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