Best selling glow in the dark lingerie in 2022

Why do you need glow in the dark lingerie?

The first answer could be: why would you NOT need glow in the dark lingerie? It looks so stunning. Glowing lingerie is the perfect teaser to get in the right mood for a steamy evening 😉

Both partners will love it. Women feel great in a delicate see-through negligee or in a teddy bodysuit. Hubbies love to discover their partner in a risqué outfit. If you have a UV light in the bedroom, you can switch it on and see the lingerie glow in the dark, before taking it off.

Be aware that only light colors will glow under UV light. So if you’re into glow in the dark kinky scenarios, don’t purchase a black or a dark blue variant, it won’t work.

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Frequently asked questions about glow in the dark lingerie

How long does glowing lingerie shine in the dark ?

Most of these sexy outfits are not phosphorescent but they react to UV black light in the right intimate setting. They will glow in the dark as long as they’re exposed to UV light. If you turn off the light, it will be pitch dark.

Do I need to leave the light on to charge glow in the dark lingerie?

As these lingerie items are not per se phosphorescent, they won’t be charged / energized by black light. So yes, if you want to see them glow in the dark you’ll have to keep the UV light on, all the time.

Can you see through lace negligees?

In a single word: YES. Be also aware that these products are generously open both in the front and in the back. So you have to add your own underwear to the outfit if you choose to be fully dressed. But you don’t have to…

Are lace bodysuits fragile?

They’re not the everyday outerwear type. So yes you have to be very gentle when you manipulate lace bodysuits. Or not, it depends on the mood of the night. Since most of these products are pretty affordable, you can easily replace them if you get carried away by the heat of the action.

Is it expensive to buy glow in the dark lingerie?

Nope, these products are usually pretty cheap (under $20, even sometimes under $10), which make them the perfect lovely gift for all festive occasions: Valentine’s, Christmas, date night, wedding night, etc. Both partners love lace lingerie.

What is the best way to wash lace lingerie?

Since these products are usually very delicate, it’s best to wash them by hand in cold or warm water and let them hang to air dry.

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