Best selling glow in the dark lamps in 2022

Why do you need a glow in the dark lamp?

You can purchase a traditional lamp or buy a lamp which delivers some kind of special visual effect.

We’ve hand-curated five stunning examples, for various types of audiences: a 3D Dinosaur night lamp, with an impressive holographic effect created by an acrylic plate, a Star Wars night light, leveraging the same visual illusion to display 3 different patterns (Death Star, R2D2, Millenium Falcon), a 2-in-1 bedside lamp + bluetooth speaker (+ FM Radio) which offers a galaxy pattern motion effect under a 3D glass dome, the iconic Original Lava Lamp and an electric Jellyfish tank table lamp. What a line up!

Some of these devices are operated both on batteries and on the mains via USB. Except for the original lava lamp which uses an incandescent 25W bulb to heat the wax in the device, the other products are all LED-powered, which saves a lot of energy.

These products make perfect bedside lamps but they can also be used in any other room. They provide a soothing relaxing experience, great to relieve stress at all times.

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Frequently asked questions about glow in the dark lamps

How does a traditional lava lamp work?

The principle is very simple. You take wax and water which don’t mix together. You warm up the wax with an incandescent bulb. The wax rises when it warms up and falls when it cools down. Endlessly moving up & down in the body of the lava lamp.

Is a LED-powered bedside lamp safer than a traditional lamp?

The short answer is YES. Simply because LED lights don’t get as warm as incandescent bulbs. So they’re much safer when used in a bedroom.

How many lumens fo you need for an effective bedside lamp?

Ideally you’re looking at a lamp delivering between 400 and 850 lumens. Not too bright but strong enough to read a book.

Can you use these night lamps during daytime hours?

No one prevents you from switching a lamp on during daytime hours but these night lights deliver an optimal experience after dark. They work best as bedside lamps, setting you in the right mood, either for a romantic evening or for a well deserved sleep.

Is there a difference between a glow in the dark lamp and a traditional bedside light?

Yes, it doesn’t serve the same purpose. A traditional bedside lamp will provide you enough light to read a book. A glow in the dark lamp will deliver a soothing experience, great for meditation or to fall asleep.

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