Best selling glow in the dark jackets in 2022

Why do you need fluorescent jacket?

There are a few reasons why wearing a glow in the dark jacket makes perfect sense.

The first and maybe most important reason we can think of is security. How often have you felt insecure when you were riding your bicycle or your motorcycle at night? The reflective lights on your bike and your helmet don’t really do their job well enough, do they?

So why not invest in a glow in the dark jacket to make sure everybody sees you?

The second kind of glow in the dark jackets and other clothing items on the market are the “fun” ones. Some of these items are destined to be drawn on with special markers. Your personal design comes to light under UV or blacklight. Other products can be solar-charged. They contain a phosphorescent compound that is embedded within the fabric. It absorbs light during the day and then glows in the dark. Speaking of cool!

You’ll also find jackets with light-up designs. These jackets contain small batteries that enable the glowing of the design.

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Frequently asked questions about fluorescent jackets

Do these jackets glow in the dark well ?

If you follow the instructions well and leave the jacket under a bright light or in the sun for a few hours prior to wearing it, it will glow for a good amount of time.

Can I wash a glow in the dark jacket ?

If you bought a jacket with glow in the dark design powered by batteries, you will have to disconnect the battery pack before washing. Then wash the jacket by hand with cold water and a mild detergent. Lay it out flat to dry. Never dry clean this kind of jacket or put it in the washing machine. Other kinds of glow in the dark jackets, without batteries, can be machine washed cold.

Are glow in the dark jackets safe?

Yes, these jackets are designed for extra safety. Walking the dog at night, riding your bicycle in the dark, going out to parties and coming home late… You will be highly visible to cars and other traffic.

Are these jackets waterproof?

Depending on the material and the design, they can be waterproof. If the lights are battery powered, they are located on the inside of the jacket.

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