Best selling glow in the dark footballs in 2022

Why do you need a glowing football?

If you want to play football after dark in the backyard, on the beach or at school, you’ll need to purchase a LED-powered football. It’s a very affordable sport item which guarantees you’ll be able to play football for long hours in total darkness, a real treat for players of all ages.

Obviously the football won’t light up the whole place where you play. So you won’t necessarily see the other players but you’ll see the football flying in the air. The glow, red/orange or green, is usually triggered on impact, when the ball is kicked or bounced. Some balls also advertise the fact that the glow is triggered by movements (but you must first kick the ball for the initial glow). The glow will stop automatically when you end the game or after roughly 30 seconds of inactivity.

These glowing footballs are a perfect gift for all occasions. Both kids and adults love fluorescent footballs. It gives a special vibe to early evening game sessions.

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Frequently asked questions about glow in the dark footballs

Do you need a pump to inflate these footballs?

It depends on the model. Some are traditional balls, which must be inflated with a small pump. Some others (small toys) are solid balls which don’t require a pump. Some suppliers provide a pump, some others don’t.

How long does the glow of these footballs last?

Usually the glow will last for at least 30 hours of continuous playing. These balls require LR-44 batteries. It’s advised to always have a supply of batteries ready for replacement purposes to avoid an interruption of the game. Be aware that the ball will usually stop to glow after 30 seconds of inactivity.

Is it fun to play football after dark?

Yes, it’s a very exciting outdoor or indoor activity. If you play in total darkness you won’t see the other players but you’ll see the ball thrown between them, which gives a very special feeling.

Is it expensive to buy a glow in the dark football?

Nope, these products are usually pretty cheap (under $25), which make them the perfect sport gift for all occasions, for all ages.

Can you play with these footballs during daytime?

Yes of course but this will use some power since the ball will light up when kicked or thrown, which doesn’t make much sense when it’s not dark.

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