Best selling glow in the dark fish-related products in 2022

Why do you need glow in the dark fish-related products?

The underwater world opens up an ocean of unlocked opportunities. Oceans are such as exciting universe to explore. We don’t know much about what’s happening under the water. Most of the seas and oceans are still unchartered territories. This is so inspiring. It gives us so many opportunities to tell stories and develop our imagination.

That’s why people love underwater-themed novelty items.

Artificial phosphorescence adds another dimension to the excitement. You can buy a set of glow in the dark ocean stickers and place them on the ceiling or the wall of a kid’s bedroom, you can purchase a glowing sticker book and enjoy hours of underwater magic or even a GloFish aquarium and marvel at the shining beauty of your GloFish, a unique type of fluorescent fish. All of these products are available on Amazon.

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Frequently asked questions about glowing ocean-inspired products

Is GloFish a particular species of fish?

GloFish offers genetically engineered fluorescent fish which come in various species and colors. They hold a special patent. They also sell accessories to give your GloFish the glowing home they deserve.

How long does a GloFish live?

On average GloFish live 3.5 to 5 years, when kept in good conditions. This life span is comparable to other breeds of aquarium fish.

Do GloFish need special tanks?

Not really but they look best if presented in an adapted environment, like the GloFish glow in the dark fish tank we’ve reviewed on this site.

Are GloFish injected with glow compounds?
No, the process is natural. All fish are traditionally bred. Their glow in the dark shades are hereditary, passed from generation to generation.

Are GloFish for beginners?

GloFish are a perfect start for anyone who wants to explore the joys of fish keeping. GloFish are as easy to care as traditional fish.

When did the glow in the dark fish trend start?

It all started in the early 2000s, launched by the brand GloFish which introduced fluorescent fish to the market. The first specimens were named Zebrafish, genetically modified Zebra Danios. They come in a variety of colors: green, blue, purple, yellow and red. They look stunning!

Is GloFish a trademark?

Yes, GloFish is the trademark of a patented genetically modified type of fish.

Are GloFish bioluminescent?

No, they don’t emit their own light, they need to be exposed to UV light to glow in the dark, hence the LED blue light provided with the GloFish aquarium kit.

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