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Asmader LED rope light, twinkle fairy style, full review

Best selling classy LED rope light, 2 colors

We have reviewed a basic 33ft 16-color rope light and another one, more advanced and longer (66ft) which can be controlled via a mobile application. For the third and last rope light in our selection, we will review a 2-color twinkle fairy style rope light which can be used both indoors and outdoors since it’s IP67 waterproof. Be careful though to protect the plug from the rain since water isn’t really electricity-friendly.

This 33ft plug & play classy rope light comes with a small remote which enables you to control the 2 colors and the various effects. You can easily adjust the rope light brightness by pressing on the DIM button (+/-). There’s also a simple timer mode to keep the lights on for 6 hours (and off for 18 hours).

The 2 colors (warm creamy white and cool bright white) are the perfect classy shades for any celebration: party, wedding, birthdays. This LED rope light can also be used as permanent architectural enhancer in your garden, patio or courtyard. They will turn heads during the festive season!

Why is this LED rope light a great glow in the dark product?

  • It’s super classy for high end settings
  • it’s easy to operate with the small remote control: on/off, colors, dimmer, effects
  • it’s IP67 waterproof, which makes it great for both indoor and outdoor uses (but always remember to protect the plug from water)
  • it’s the perfect Wedding, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, birthdays or Valentine’s Day decoration. It can also be used for any other glowing party! Follow your imagination
  • thanks to the timer you can leave it on for 6 hours, it will shut off automatically, no need to worry about switching it on & off
9Expert Score
Two classy color shades

for all festive occasions

Classy color shades
Easy of use, just a few buttons on the remote
  • classy Wedding, Christmas, Birthday or Halloween decoration
  • easy to switch on/off + control both colors via remote and app
  • perfect for high end occasions
  • waterproof
  • can be set on a timer

What people love about this LED rope light

  • it looks very classy in high end settings
  • the lights look very durable and are well made
  • the twinkle effect is purely magical, like a set of fairy lights
  • it’s the perfect mood enhancer for any garden
  • the timer is a great feature, just set it and it will take care of turning the rope light on & off
  • being waterproof the rope light can be used outdoors
  • it comes with a 12-month warranty

Tips to use this twinkle LED rope light

  • the lights are delicate so be gentle when you install them
  • when used outdoors, always protect the plug from the rain

If you’re looking for a classy LED rope light you can find this product on Amazon.

Asmader LED rope light, twinkle fairy style, full review
Asmader LED rope light, twinkle fairy style, full review

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