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Aiscool Night Light Bluetooth Speaker glow in the dark lamp, full review

Best selling bedside lamp + bluetooth speaker, 7 colors

We’ve already reviewed a traditional Lava Lamp, the iconic American classic we all know and also an unusual Jellyfish tank table lamp. This is another type of product, the Aiscool Night Light, which is both a glow in the dark lamp and a powerful Bluetooth speaker. It looks stunning in the dark, the perfect bedside lamp both for kids and adults.

This 3D glass night light displays a mesmerising galaxy star pattern. You can use this novelty device both as a lamp and speaker or just as a lamp. To adapt the level of brightness or change colors simply tap on the top touch sensor of the lamp, it’s that easy!

The speaker is compatible with the newest Bluetooth 5.0 protocol to ensure the best connectivity with your bluetooth compatible devices.

You can pair two speakers to have a stereo sound along with hypnotizing cosmic light effects. Let’s get the party started!

Why is this bedside lamp a great glow in the dark product?

  • the galaxy pattern effect is a real treat for the eyes
  • the bluetooth connection is very stable
  • thanks to the top sensor, the product is very easy to switch on/off and to control (light level & colors)
  • this bedside lamp will set you in the right mood for a romantic evening or to simply fall asleep
9.5Expert Score
A truly mesmerising visual effect

this novelty product has garnered more than 600 positive reviews

Stunning cosmic visual effect
Both a lamp and a bluetooth speaker
Ease of use
Colors variety
Light intensity customization
  • stunning visual effects
  • great bluetooth connection
  • very easy to operate (3 levels of brightness, 7 colors)
  • looks stunning in the dark
  • durable quality product
  • the perfect gift for all ages

What people love about this bedside lamp

  • this gorgeous lamp is very easy to operate: simply tap on the top sensor to control the device (brightness & colors)
  • the galaxy pattern visual effect looks absolutely stunning
  • it provides hours of sound & light pleasure
  • it sets you in a stressless mood. Just lie down and watch the hypnotizing while you fall asleep
  • it’s very solid, a quality product (3D glass body)
  • you can pair two devices to get a stereo sound + 2 light sources
  • you can charge the device or leave it on the mains (USB connection)
  • bonus: there’s an embedded FM Radio function in the bluetooth speaker

Tips to use this bedside lamp

  • not much to say to be honest, it’s very easy to operate, plug & play + touch control via the top sensor
  • choose the brightness and the color which will set you in the right mood. There are 3 levels of brightness and 7 colors. You can set the lamp to multi-colored changing effect

If you’re looking for a great glow in the dark bedside lamp you can find this product on Amazon.

Aiscool Night Light Bluetooth Speaker glow in the dark lamp, full review
Aiscool Night Light Bluetooth Speaker glow in the dark lamp, full review

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