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3D Dinosaur Night Lamp, full review

Best selling dinosaur night lamp, 7 colors

We’ve already reviewed a traditional Lava Lamp, the iconic American classic, an unusual Jellyfish tank table lamp a great looking 2-in-1 device (lamp & bluetooth speaker), the Aiscool bedside lamp and the stunning Star Wars night light.

We will complete our hand-curation of glow in the dark lamps with a 3D Dinosaur Night Lamp. The 3D holographic effect is created by an acrylic plastic plate inserted into the base of the device. It really gives you the illusion that the cute dinosaur is alive!

You can easily switch the lamp on via a smart button on the base. The same button can be used to change colors (7 LED shades).

This 3D Dinosaur Night Lamp is the perfect gift for kids for all occasions: birthday, christmas and other celebrations. You could even give it to your loved one as a Valentine’s present.

Why is this 3D Dinosaur night lamp a great glow in the dark product?

  • It’s very easy to operate: just one smart button on the base to switch on/off and to control the colors, that’s it.
  • the 3D holographic effect is truly stunning, giving you the impression that the small dinosaur will come to life and jump straight on the bedside table. That’s very impressive but not scary. The dinosaur is indeed very cute
  • the device only uses 0.012 kw.h / 24 hours
  • the LED Light has a life span of 10 000 hours
9Expert Score
Stunning 3D Dinosaur night lamp

Kids will be impressed by the holographic effect

Stunning 3D effect
One button operation
Choice of colors
Power saving
  • mesmerising holographic effect
  • easy to switch on/off + control colors via one smart button
  • great gift for kids, they all love dinosaurs

What people love about this 3D Dinosaur night lamp

  • it’s a huge hit with kids
  • the device is very easy to operate via a single smart button at the top of the base, which controls on/off and colour switching
  • the holographic effect is very impressive
  • the product doesn’t consume a lot of energy and easy to connect to the mains via a USB cable

Tips to use this 3D Dinosaur night lamp

  • do not forget to remove the transparent protective film on the acrylic plate before inserting it into the base
  • keep grease and all other liquids away from the device (it’s not waterproof)
  • use a soft cloth to clean the acrylic part if there’s any mark on the surface
  • if you touch the smart button, the first 7 touches are for color selection while the next one triggers the automatic mode which slowly switches from one color to the next

If you’re looking for a great 3D Dinosaur night lamp you can find this product on Amazon.

3D Dinosaur Night Lamp, full review
3D Dinosaur Night Lamp, full review

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