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Nightmatch Glow in the dark LED football, full review

We continue our reviews of glow in the dark LED-powered footballs with a very nice model by Nightmatch (official size 6). This glowing football features two impact activated LEDs which are triggered when the ball is bounced or kicked by the ...

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ONE glow in the dark premium condoms with silver Lunamax pocket case, full review

We've already reviewed a pack of glow in the dark condoms sold in bulk by the brand One. Here's another approach to packaging. It's the same condoms but presented in a premium Lunamax silver pocket case. She/he will be impressed by the way you take ...

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SZTOPFOCUS sparkly furry glow in the dark Jacket, detailed review

Chosing the correct outfit can be tricky. You don't want to freeze when you go out in the fall or winter, that's one thing. But you can't put on a sweater without looking lame of course. And it needs to be festive, original and you definitely want ...

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Glow in the dark fish sticker book review

Sticker books are an amazing way to develop your child's imagination. They can take the fish stickers and place them wherever they want on the pages of the book, feat. underworld backgrounds. The fish sticker books ensure long afternoons and ...

HEEPDD Glow in the Dark Thread for Embroidery, detailed review

If you're looking for vivid glow in the dark thread for your embroidery or sewing projects, then this product might be just what you need. This noctilucent thread creates a wonderful effect. Why is this HEEPDD embroidery thread a great glow in ...

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