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EliteShine LED glow in the dark golf balls set, detailed review

Are you tired of having to look for your golf ball when the sun is about to set ? Do you find it difficult to follow the trajectory of your golf ball through the air ? We have found the solution for your problem : glow in the dark golf balls ! ...

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Glow in the dark FasiCat mesh mini dress, full review

We've already reviewed two other mesh mini dresses from the amazing FasiCat brand. Here's a third one, as sexy as the two others but with a different look, smaller cutouts, closer to your everyday mini dress. It is also a favourite on Amazon, ...

Loogool Soft Cotton Glow in the Dark fabric, detailed review

Ready to add some glowing details to your arts & crafts or sewing projects ? With this glow in the dark cotton fabric, you'll definitely stand out in the crowd. Why is this soft cotton fabric such a great glow in the dark product? This ...

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SKLZ Pro glow in the dark mini basketball hoop review

We've just reviewed a full size glow in the dark basketball. If you don't have much space or if you want to play basketball indoors, you might be interested in the next product we'll review: the SKLZ Pro glow in the dark mini basketball hoop. ...

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Tulip glow in the dark fabric paint, detailed review

Glow in the dark paint can also be used to light up fabric. This 6-pack set of vivid colors is an easy way to design glowing fabric projects. Why is Tulip fabric paint a great glow in the dark product? the paint will glow with UV and black ...

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