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Novelinks Pack of 100 Glow in the Dark necklaces, detailed review

Glow in the dark necklaces are always a huge hit at any kind of party. They will keep you entertained all night ! Great for outdoor events, family BBQs in the park, camping trips and pool parties. Children absolutely adore this kind of glowing ...

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Glow in the dark multicolor pebbles (Graham Products) review

We've already reviewed a set of white pebbles which glow blue in the dark. Here's another set of glowing pebbles, multicolor this time. It's exactly the same concept as the other one. The pebbles have the same size and will also glow in the dark ...

Loogool Soft Cotton Glow in the Dark fabric, detailed review

Ready to add some glowing details to your arts & crafts or sewing projects ? With this glow in the dark cotton fabric, you'll definitely stand out in the crowd. Why is this soft cotton fabric such a great glow in the dark product? This ...

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SZTOPFOCUS sparkly furry glow in the dark Jacket, detailed review

Chosing the correct outfit can be tricky. You don't want to freeze when you go out in the fall or winter, that's one thing. But you can't put on a sweater without looking lame of course. And it needs to be festive, original and you definitely want ...

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Furaha collection of 150 glow in the dark Halloween temporary tattoos, detailed review

This Furaha Halloween collection features 160 fluorescent glow in the dark temporary tattoos for Halloween. This great pack features the coolest tattoos to liven up your Halloween parties. The seller offers free shipping on your first order. Why ...

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