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Trippy Mushroom Glow in the Dark Blacklight Poster, detailed review

Does this image of colorful mushrooms make you think of the last time you were high and would you like to relive the same fantasy you had at that time ? Or are you simply nostalgic of the sixties and seventies when this kind of blacklight art ...

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Chefmaster glow in the dark neon Air Brush food coloring, detailed review

Do you want to surprise your family this year and bake with food coloring ? You can mix any color you like, your cakes will be absolutely stunning. You can use this kind of food coloring outside of the kitchen as well, for your arts and crafts ...

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UV Glow black light face and body paint review

After our review of Midnight Glo products, here's another great example of black light face and body paint: UV Glow fluorescent kit of 6 bright neon colors. This face and body paint dries quickly and easy to wash simply using soap and water. It ...

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AISI Beauty 3 Glow in the Dark hair afro style extensions, detailed review

Be original for your next Cosplay event or Halloween costume and get these 3 glow in the dark hair extensions to make the cutest afro-style braids. Why are these AISI Beauty hair extensions such a great glow in the dark product? Your order ...

Glowsland glow in the dark fluorescent party tape, detailed review

Are you looking for fresh ideas for the decoration of your Halloween party this year ? Have you ever tried blacklight reactive party tape ? If not, do it now ! This great party supply adds so much fun and your party promises to be a hit amongst ...

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