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Oojami Neon Glow in the Dark Plates and party supplies, detailed review

You've probably already seen these glow in the dark plates that you can use for all sorts of colorful black light parties. They're green, orange, blue or red. Always the same colors. Why not try something different for your next black light ...

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Fanoshon assortment of 100+ glow in the dark decorative temporary tattoos, detailed review

The Fanoshon tattoo assortment features more than 100 glow in the dark temporary tattoos. This super collection features the most luminous temporary decorative tattoos to brighten up your party. They can be a gread addition to your regular face ...

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Glow in the dark micro bikini lingerie, full review

After reviewing a one piece lace teddy, a sexy bra and panty set and a lace negligee, we've decided to close this series of reviews with the least covering piece of lingerie we've ever seen. For some reason, it's associated with Japanese anime ...

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ChefCity Glow in the Dark Plates and party supplies, detailed review

So you've bought the black lights for your glow in the dark parties, you've bought all necessary stuff to stick on the walls, tape on the floor, paint the decorations, you name it ! There's one thing that you might not have thought about : the ...

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Aiscool Night Light Bluetooth Speaker glow in the dark lamp, full review

We've already reviewed a traditional Lava Lamp, the iconic American classic we all know and also an unusual Jellyfish tank table lamp. This is another type of product, the Aiscool Night Light, which is both a glow in the dark lamp and a powerful ...

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